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I attended T3B System course way back in 2007 which I must say that it is an ultra belated review. The methods taught in T3B System course should remained unchanged from what I gathered. However, please take my review as accurate as it is from the time I took the course.

DISCLAIMER: The articles in my blog strictly serve as a journal of my trading experiences with T3B Systems. It is not an advisory for trading or an invitation to trade. All my viewpoints are solely for informative purposes. I am in no way affiliated to T3B Holdings and the contents do not represent the view or opinion of Mr. Keane Lee and Mr. Clarence Chee.

1. T3B System Trainer Profile

T3B SystemMr. Keane Lee

Website: www.t3bsystem.com/

Formulated his first trading system in 1996, vigorously back-tested and forward-tested, evaluated and refined the system before simplifying it for personal use in 1997. Become a multi-millionaire through trading and investing using his formulated system before 30. Recipient of The Professional Enterprise Award in 2008.

2. T3B System Course Structure

The training course covered 2 full days on Saturday and Sunday followed by an evening session on Monday. Keane covered mostly on trading psychology, risk and money management for the first half of Saturday, the following pointers are those he emphasized on;

  1. T3B System traders must always follow the rules, follow the rules and follow the rules.
  2. The importance of emotion control as the fear of losing will jeopardize trading outcome.
  3. To trade with the amount that one is willing to lose thus cancelling some emotion.
  4. Trading using CFD as leverage to accelerate compound growth and risk management.
  5. The Big Boys, Institutional Player and Herd mentality.
  6. The importance of cutting loss when trade is not trending and not turning into long term investor.
  7. Identifying trends and understanding the forming of Peak and Trough.

Thereafter, the second half of the Saturday and whole of Sunday will focus on the 3 main strategies of T3B System;

  1. S1 Strategy for up trending stocks with good accumulating trading volume
  2. S2 Strategy for down trending stocks and using trend lines to identify entry
  3. S3 Strategy for up trending stocks that are taking a breather before resuming its climb

Monday evening was used to setup Metastock software which is not relevant now. More examples of strategies using T3B System were shown for better understanding during the session.

3. T3B System Trading Materials

Text book is provided with all the T3B System strategies and trading examples listed. During my time, the course was taught with standalone Metastock software and traders have to download End of Day Data manually to update the charts. The charts are now provided by ChartNexus which can be access online and will be updated after 7.30pm daily.

T3B System

For the convenience, the data fees are double of Metastock which is around 400 for one market. However, there will be discount given if more markets data are purchased together.

4. T3B System Support

Appointed mentors who are competent traders conduct gatherings twice a week to clarify doubts for fellow traders. I cannot comment much on the gathering as I have not attended any yet. There is also an active forum for traders to share their views and positions.

There are also weekly T Posts which highlight some of the stocks that are deem as potential by Keane and the mentors. Though the highlighted stocks are for reference only, most of them fulfill the criteria of the T3B System strategies and I normally keep a close tab on these mentioned stocks.

5. Results So Far

After graduated in August 2007, I did not trade actively until the end of that year. Even then, I lost quite a bit as I could not control my emotion well and broken the trading rules many times. My confidence was low and I gave up trading with the fear of losing even more money.

Things turned for the better during the bear market in 2008. Using S2 strategies, I managed to make back my course fees, earlier losses and more. I will also be posting my trades based on what I have learned from the T3B System course here.

10 Responses

  1. Lou says:

    Hi, Alex,

    I just attended the preview by Derick, but not seeing Keane Lee in person.
    They charge 3000+ for 2.5 days course + 420 /year subscription to T3B trader chart.

    My question is:
    -Is Keane a good trainer? Will the beginner able to understand what he is talking about?
    - except for above fee, any other hidden cost involved? e.g. backend product, in order to achieve certain result, student must sign up another course or purchase extra software or product.
    - Did your mentor able to guide you to care about you? or rather you are doing all these on your own?

    Looking forward to hear from you

  2. Alex Ang says:


    Just got to know from a fellow trader who attended the course lately that Keane is still the one conducting the lesson proper. As for your 3 questions;

    1) I started as a beginner too. The strategies taught are very easy to understand, it is the application that is hard because there are elements of emotion during trading.

    2) There is no up-selling of advanced courses or softwares. I was never charge for anything else other than the course and subscription fees. However, the 420 is only for SGX data. So if you want to see HKSE data, the subscription fees will be higher. For a beginner, I feel that SGX will be good enough to keep you occupied.

    3) I do not have a mentor and as mentioned in my review that I have not attend any gatherings due to my schedule. So I would say I am pretty much on my own. But if I encounter any issue, I will head to the forums to seek opinion from fellow traders or mentors.

    Hope this helps Lou and good luck!

  3. Sheilajp says:

    HI Alex
    Are you still actively trading using the T3B system? If yes, how has it been? I just attended a preview and wanted further feedback on the “longevity” of the system. Apparently it’s been in the market for over 10 years, but most internet searches are dated back to 2007 at the earliest.

  4. Alex Ang says:

    Hi Sheilajp,

    Thanks for dropping by. I use the system to look for trading opportunity daily. I recovered my course fees, previous losses with surplus during the bear market in 2008. Could have made more in 2009 if I have stick to the trading rules. My trade results => http://www.alex-ang.com/category/trading/results/

  5. mingker says:

    Hi Alex,

    Sorry for asking some personal question.
    How much capital did you start with before you started making profit after using the T3B system?
    Out of rating of 10, how much will you give to T3B system?

    I understand that you hold a full-time job, how did you manage to monitor the market?
    Thanks in advance for answering.

  6. Erichan says:

    Hi Alex,

    We have always heard about the good things T3B system has brought upon the students,what about those who lose money using T3B system?In this world,there is no gurantee you will win $ using a system as it can be inaccurate too.If one who sticks strictly to the rules of T3B system,does it mean that he will definitely make profit in the share market???

  7. Alex Ang says:

    Hi Erichan,
    Think you have not look at my trading results, I have my fair share of losing trades too…Like you mentioned, there is never a 100% accurate trading system, it is more about increasing the winning probability to your favour. Trading rules are there to serve as a guide or a criteria, and again it does not gurantee profits. 
    When Warren Buffett chooses a stock, he will have his own set of criteria before buying. But does that mean he will always profit from it? Looking at the recent prices of BYD, it may not be the case. However, he is still profitable from his other picks. Likewise, trading performance should be measured based over a period of time. Cheers

  8. Ms Lim says:

    I attended t3b too and things were like so-so for me. DIdn’t make but lost a little, however my question is, they asked us to trade with MFGlobal, what happens to the money there now since MFGlobal has filed for bankruptcy. How can we get it back?

  9. Alex Ang says:

    Hi Ms Lim,

    I cannot comment on this as I am using CMC Markets to trade all this while. It would be best to check with MF Global directly. But I believe MF Global should have a segregated account as per MAS guideline to safeguard customers’ money.  

  10. Fn says:

    Hi Alex, I just like to know how is your trading results with T3B in recent years. Ive attended the T3B course 2 yrs ago. After trading for 2 mths using T3B I do not see good results and are unable to see any pattern or consistency in the system. What do you think?
    Recently i understand there is a new ver T3B II coming up, with automated trading system that can take care of the emotion part, Alex with your expeirience do you think this is possible and assured us of profitable trade. Just like to hear your views. thks

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